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Campaigns for Nepal

Posted on: August 27, 2015

Spearheaded by Nepal Tourism Recovery | strategies and actions group on Facebook, the ‘I am in Nepal Now’ campaign has been the most visible of the social media campaigns, garnering an endorsement from the new British Ambassador to Nepal John Rankin. Ambassador Rankin, like all who take part in the campaign, took a picture of himself in Nepal, holding up a sign that reads ‘I am in Nepal Now’ and shared it on social media. The envoy is just one of the hundreds of visitor to Nepal who have taken part in the campaign. The aim is to encourage more tourists to visit by showing them that there are tourists already here and that others too should visit.

The campaign has also taken on another form: ‘I Am Going to Nepal’ for those visitors who are planning to visit Nepal but are not here yet.

One media set from socialtours featuring travelers holding up signs reached astronomical social media attention online and got reported in several international media outlets – both online and offline

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DOWNLOAD the Placards here, print it and give it a go on social media. Do hashtag it #nepalNOW