Into the Unknown, My Nepal Journey

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Posted on: December 28, 2015 | Location: Everest, Everest Base Camp, KalaPatthar, Nepal, kathmandu | Type: Adventure, Cultural, Nature, Spiritual & Religious





Visited Nepal:
March 11, 2015 – April 5, 2015

For many years I have always dreamed of going to Nepal and seeing the mountain ranges that I learnt at school in Australia.

To be amongst these majestic and picturesque country side, experiencing the beautiful culture and learning the way of life of the Nepali people has always inspired me to go.

Living in Australia we don’t have any mountain ranges of significance, so for me going to Nepal with its majestic mountains was the only option.

After many years of life I finally had the opportunity to go at the age of 43.

It was the best holidaying experience of my life.

It was only when I arrived in Kathmandu that I realized that the mountain ranges were not the only things that Nepal should be famous for, but its people as well.

Its only then that I realised the friendliness and hospitality of the Nepali people, and its because of this that I plan on going again.

On arriving in Kathmandu and being greeted by our tour guide I had the opportunity to explore the city and many of its cultural sites. The food was spectacular and the sights amazing. The big day started on day 3 as we flew into Lukla airport, that in itself was an experience. The trek commenced from Lukla to Namche Bazaar via Phakding. The views of the mountains was better than I even imagined. I watched many youtube videos before leaving and these do not do it justice compared to being there. The mountains looked immense and the views were spectacular, like heaven on earth. I couldn’t keep my eyes were I was walking as everywhere I looked life itself surrounded me. From your local people going about the daily activities with a smile, to guides and porters helping tourists accomplish their dreams, to the eagles soaring majestically above our heads. Everywhere I looked I was greeted by something magical. The trekking was exciting and challenging but worth every second. The food along the way was filling and delicious, and again the Nepali hospitality is second to none. For people that have very little the Nepali people certainly give all they have to its guests.

As we continued our trekking journey through the Khumbu region of Nepal the beauty of the country continued to impress and inspire me.

We stayed in tea houses along the way which was more than comfortable and very accommodating. I met so many people in these tea houses and we swapped stories of our daily trekking activities.

My trekking journey took me to the most beautiful sights of the Himalayas, I saw so many mountains including the famous Mount Everest. What a sight to behold !!!

But to be honest, everything I saw in the Himalayas was amazing. I took so many photos and videos that I ran out of memory !

I cannot begin to express how fortunate I feel to have experienced Nepal. It has made such an impact on me that I am planning on going back in 2016 for another trek and taking my son when he is old enough.

There is so much to see and do, so many people to meet and share experiences and again the Nepali people, they are gods gift to this world; we can all learn something from them.

I am not a writer at all, and it is hard for me to really express my thoughts. But please if you have a chance go to Nepal, it will be the the most enlightening travel experience of your life.