(A short note about the recent earthquakes)


Nepal enjoys a thriving tourist industry, and rightly so with captivating natural scenery, welcoming people and extensive reliable trekking companies. However, inevitably since the earthquakes in April this year there have been concerns about safety and infrastructure. If you want to see resilience and irrepressible positivity, look at Nepal. In the days immediately following the earthquake the world saw pictures of Buddhist monk’s carefully carrying preserved statues and shaken but devoted Nepali people painstakingly piecing their streets back together. Six months later and the country is rebuilding, open for business and welcoming tourists as ever. The wonderful sacred sites of Durbar Square and Swayambunath, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites are recovered and open as is religious centre, Boudhanath. The main tourist area of Thamel is intact and ready for visitors.

Far from having reservations, trekkers and adventurers alike should be beating a path to Nepal, not only to discover it’s many wonders but also to witness the extraordinary resilience of its people.