Radiant, beautiful, Nepal.Radiant, beautiful, Nepal.

My odyssey to Nepal was almost a month ago. My pilot trip to the country, my adventures in the valley have left me with unforgettable memories of the beauty of the country and its people.

To the person reading this: You may be wondering whether it is unsafe to visit Nepal. After all, the media has always focused on the sensational, the disastrous and of the devastation wrought upon the country. Nobody can be faulted for thinking the country is unsafe for visitors. But the reality in Nepal is a stark contrast from what media reports portray. I am not faulting media reports for coverage of the world’s disasters – press coverage does galvanise the inflow of much needed aid to countries during times of need.

However, what is apparent is that the media often neglects the inherent beauty and goodness of countries like Nepal. By its single-minded focus on the wrecked and the damned, It fails to inform the world of the beauty of countries like Nepal. The warmness of the Nepalese, the spectacular sights of the plains of the Kathmandu Valley, and the intricacies of traditional Nepalese handicrafts are seldom featured on the world stage. My initial concerns with safety were quickly dispelled by my positive experiences in the valley. I hope by reading my experiences, yours will too.