Nepal - Still smiling!

Nepal – Still smiling!

Not despite, but because of the earthquake…

I have been living in Nepal for the last three years and I was here during the earthquake. In the first weeks after the disaster, the international press was full of horror pictures of falling temples, injured people, and complete chaos. As important as these pictures were in the beginning to draw the world’s attention to the country, very quickly it became clear that they were actually causing another catastrophe to follow. Scared by the pictures and convinced that the entire country would be in rubbles, many tourists cancelled their trips, which further hurt the economy, which mainly depends on tourism. To counteract the impression that Nepal is not a country to travel to at the moment, quickly a campaign was launched that had the opposite message: Nepal is safe. Despite the earthquake, a trip to Nepal can be a great adventure, as only 14 districts were affected, and the reconstruction of the historic sites is going well. For me, Nepal is not only safe to travel to – there is an entire new dimension to it. Nepal is different now.