Summarised from the Norwegian article in Dagavisen

The earthquake has affected the travel industry badly in Nepal. Local people however are working hard on recovery to prepare for the coming season. There is a positive impact of the lifting of the travel advisories and the official campaign “Nepal – Back on top of the world has been released as an effort to get travellers back.

All Norwegian tour operators she contacted are keeping their autumn program for Nepal as normal.

The tourism industry is important for the economy of Nepal and people should not stop travelling. The efforts of the Nepal Tourism Recovery Group has been great to keep up to date with current facts and stories via the website.

This article is written close to the release of the movie Everest, and Everest is important to Tourism in Nepal.

If you are going to Nepal, choose a company and a local guide that take social responsibility and works in terms of responsible tourism guidelines. And TRAVEL NOW. Tourism experts say that Nepal needs travellers – not only direct aid. Through tourism, the cash flow will slowly start floating again.

The Norwegian project “ReisNepal” is organising a charity preview of the movie where the money raised will go to rebuild Nepal initiatives.

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