Even before this trip, my Nepali friends were concerned and warned me about dangers on the way….landslides, avalanches and tough road.  In the morning I was about to start the western route from Pokhara to Jomsom, I received a call from Ananada my Nepali friend in Kathmandu: “Hi Alan, you can’t go to Jomsom, there was a landslide and the road is blocked”. I replied: “Well I have a good dirt bike, I may pass….” he answered: “The mountain fell into Kali Gandaki river around Totopani, river rose 15o meters, I don’t think you will pass”! That is how the eastern route from Besisahar to Manag via Chame was chosen. Sometimes we end up in most amazing places by chance, not a choice….this is a story of the most beautiful, most demanding, most dangerous ride of my life….with unforgettable reward waiting on top!