‪#‎NepalNow Lessons learned from tourism recovery post-earthquake. Main conclusions of the Nepal event last Friday 11 March at ITB Berlin:
It takes joined effort, flexibility and perseverance to build tourism back better. In the words of Raj Gyawali from Social Tours, Nepal is living proof of the power of people to unite and proactively respond in times of real crisis.

Coordinated action showed high impact with low resources. Nepal Tourist Board (NTB) worked jointly with private sector tour operators volunteering their time to develop the campaign website nepalnow.org with the objective to bring back the positive image of Nepal in the international tourism markets. The Netherlands government programme CBI supported with minimal the Nepalnow.org platform for social media campaigns around Nepal events, like the ATTA adventure week. The ‘I am in Nepal Now’ photo campaign proved very successful to start a good buzz. CBI stressed the need for a long term approach: the campaign website will be integrated as functionality to the website of NTB and fitted into an updated NTB digital marketing strategy with support of CBI experts. Focus on what you know best and check what is needed and do not just donate warm clothes if you are not a humanitarian organisation.

The most important lesson learned is: don’t wait and see, but act and find your way to go forward. Nepal experience shows it works!

Moderator: Hjortur Smarason. Introductory Presentation : Raj Gyawali, Socialtours. Panelists: Deepak R Joshi, CEO, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Jeanette Scherpenzeel, Lead Programme Manager, Center for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI), Chris Doyle, Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)