IMG_2878 (2)End of May 2016 I visited the Langtang Valley, one year after the earthquake.  At the moment the earthquake hit Nepal my family and the guide (from Langtang Village) were halfway Langtang Village and Kajin Gompa. We saw the devastation coming with stones as big as beach balls rolling from the mountain and an avalanche of snow that came towards us. We were lucky to have our whole group together and unharmed, we understood quick that not all had that luck. Even in this situation the people from the Langtang Valley helped our family to stay safe against the cold and shared rice/tea with us to survive for several nights. When we were rescued by helicopter we promised our guide to come back after one year. And that is what I did end of May this year; I didn’t regret for one moment!

Good vibes

I was astonished by the positive energy that runs through the Langtang Valley and the strong optimism the people show. Even now the numbers of tourists is all time low, many teahouses are already rebuilt and open, ready to welcome new guests. This May I walked from Syabrubesi, bamboo village, Lama Hotel, Ghortabela and to Langtang Village and had more than enough places to rest, eat/drink, and sleep.

Stunning as always!

Literally the teahouse owners are waiting in front of their teahouse for tourist to pass by. The expectation is that in October 2016 after the monsoon, 95% of the teahouses are back to business again. The track is restored, open for visitors, and the views are as stunning as always! So why wait to go?!

Nepal is ready for your experience!

More and more it became clear to me that the best thing to get things rolling again in Nepal was the return of the tourists. And that could be you!

The Langtang people, are ready to welcome you in their tea & guesthouses. So, when Nepal is already on your bucket list and/or when you are searching for a holiday that is a real experience, don’t hesitate and book your holiday to Nepal now! Besides your experience, it is also the best support and strongest motivation the people in Langtang Valley (and whole Nepal) can get. Just getting back their normal life!