Doug Scott, the first Briton to summit Everest is on a lecture tour to raise funds for people in the remote valleys of Nepal. Doug Scott will recount his ascent of the world’s highest mountain with Dougal Haston in 1975.

Everest the Hard Way is his account of the successful expedition to climb the Himalayan mountain via the South West Face, when the pair became the first British mountaineers to stand on top of the 8,848m (29,029ft) peak.


The tour is a fundraiser for Community Action Nepal, the organisation Scott founded 20 years ago, which helps build schools and medical centres in remote areas, and has been active since the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015, costing many lives and destroying countless buildings. The charity is now working to help rebuild the shattered communities.

Scott will be explaining about his climb and his life led up to this defining moment, and the climbers such as Chris Bonington, Paul Braithwaite, Nick Estcourt and Don Whillans, who made the climb possible.

Doug Scott said: “We have had a great deal of support for the charity and I am sure this latest lecture will be interesting. I will also be giving an up-date on the work that is taking place in Nepal.”

The tour begins on Monday in Lancaster and visits towns across England, Scotland and Wales. .