I am a born and bred Singaporean who love travel and photography. Been to nearly 60 countries and all continents. Tends to go off beaten track, venture into villages and remote places. Love to interact with people. I go to Nepal with a very different perspective from most. I went there with a strong purpose. To capture the life of the local people. To witness how the Nepalese live strong despite the challenges from the aftermath of the earthquake.

I so enjoyed engaging with the local life such as drinking freshly made milk tea in Patan, Kathmandu. Have meal in the house of  Gurung family in Dhampus. Witness the making of the rattan stools in the village of Khokana. Participating in the wedding of the locals, include dancing:)

Hope you enjoy reading my article as well as the photos of people i captured this trip.



Dhanyabad(Thank you)