We got blisters on our feet and hands working at a construction site with 40 teenage high school students for over a week building an earth bag construction home.  Connecting with these teens on a very personal level made our travel to Nepal a significant and meaningful trip.  Our decision to travel was based solely on two things:  the desire to help families who had lost their homes in the April earthquake; and to trek in the Annapurna region with our friend and guide whose business guiding had suffered greatly because of the earthquake.

Connecting with teenagers while building an earth bag construction home outside Kathmandu was nothing short of the best thing we’ve done in more than 25 years!  We worked side-by-side with students on vacation (Tihar and other holidays) building a new home for a family whose teenage daughter is sponsored through ANSWER-Nepal (American-Nepali Student and Women’s Educational Relief) and who had lost their home in the earthquake.