Yosemite National Park signs a sister park relationship with Nepalese national parks

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Posted on: April 30, 2016

Yosemite National Park in California’s Sierra Nevada has signed a sister park relationship with Chitwan, Langtang, and Sagarmartha National Parks in Nepal.

Forty business and community leaders from the 2016 Yosemite Centennial Business Retreat witnessed the ceremony next to the Merced River. The arrangement has been four years in the making and has been supported by Yosemite Conservancy and University of California Merced.

One year ago today, an earthquake rocked much of Nepal. Yosemite would like to recognize the wide variety of challenges land managers face from around the globe when protecting natural and cultural treasures.

Yosemite’s International Affairs program supports the park’s participation in the World Heritage Program, as well as visits of over 50 delegations from all over the world each year. Yosemite maintains 12 sister park relationships in China, Chile, Germany, Mongolia, Nepal, and Tanzania.

Banner Photo Credit: www.abagro.hu