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Posted on: May 1, 2016 | Location: Dhunche, Gosainkunda, Nepal | Type: Adventure, Nature Lovers, Weekend / Short Break

MAPTrek Road to Dhunche: No obstacles whatsoever on the road, just the usually bumpy drive in certain spots.

Trekking trail: The trail generally had no obstacles, although there were signs of small landslides on two spots on the way from Deurali to Dhimsa. That did not make the trekking more difficult or dangerous as they do not make the trail impassable.

Accommodation: There are many hotels and lodges in Dhunche that do not have any damage or cracks whatsoever. In Dhunche there is only one lodge left, but they can accommodate a lot of people since it has many rooms with different bed arrangements. We had tea and snacks in Deurali and the family was very hospitable. There was a lot of food and drinks available.

3In Dhimsa, there are only two lodges left and the buildings look solid and without any damage. One is located in the lower part of the village and the other in the upper part. We had a tea break in the lodge in the upper part of the village. The family, as usual, was very hospitable and friendly. Sing Gompa did not suffer much from the earthquake. There was one lodge that we saw that was closed because of damage. The rest few lodges were working properly without any damage. We stayed in Red Panda Lodge. The food was delicious and the atmosphere friendly and hospitable. Lauribina Yak unfortunately suffered from the earthquake quite a lot with only two available lodges. We stayed in Maya lodge. The young man running the lodge was very friendly. They had everything that we asked from the menu and it was delicious.

5In Gosainkunda all of the lodges seem to be working perfectly well. We had breakfast in one of them with a lovely view of the lake. All in all, it was a wonderful trip and although the damage of the earthquake is inevitable and visible in many places, we felt very safe and always welcomed.

In the most recent issue of the Lonely Planet Trekking guide for Nepal it was written that there are absolutely no lodges available on this trek, which is not true. However, there might be problems with accommodation if there are big groups of people visiting at the same time, since the number of lodges is limited. The Gosainkunda trek was as wonderful. The Langtang region is in need of tourists that will provide the income for rebuilding the affected villages.


11Status Update & Photo Credit – Marija