ChanguNarayan Temple – Status Report

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Posted on: February 28, 2016 | Location: Bhaktapur, Changunarayan, Nepal | Type: Adventure, Cultural | Tags:Bhaktapur, ChanguNaryan Temple, NepalNOW, nepal

Changunarayan Temple in Bhaktapur, an ancient temple enlisted in the UNESCO heritage list, reopened to the public that was closed after heavy damages in the deadly April 25 ‘Gorkha Earthquake’. The history of Changunaryan temple dates back to around 3000 years. The temple is located 22 kms away from Kathmandu.

Chief Archaeological Officer Aruna Nakarmi said that the temple was reopened to the visitors from July 17, 2015. The Department of Archaeology has installed three CC cameras for the security of the domestic and foreign visitors and temple conservation while the structures in the quake-damaged heritage site are given support with the help of lumbers.

The Changunarayan Temple witnessed serious damages in the quake while Krishna Mandir located near to the main temple has tilted four inches back, according to chief priest Chakradharananda Rajopadhyay.

Likewise, a sattal that was renovated two years ago with the investments of Rs 9 million was also completely destroyed and the ‘living traditional museum’ collapsed in the quake. However, Chhinnamasta Temple is not affected.

This video by Dj Ari will give you an insight of the current situation of Changunarayan Temple and surrounding areas in Bhaktapur.

Video Courtesy : Documents of DjaRI