Sunrise Video & Photo Campaign

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Posted on: April 24, 2016



Post photos of your Best Sunrise in Nepal on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with Hashtags ‪#‎NepalNOW‬ & ‪#‎Sunrise‬.

************ Win Ultra flights for 2! ************

1. Competition starts from 12 noon, April 25, and ends May 27, 12 midnight.

2. Winners will be chosen and announced by NTB by June 2, 2016.

3. Winning photo will be presented with a gift hamper for 2!

4. All nationals are welcome to participate in the campaign.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Participants must have sole ownership and copyright of the photographs posted.

2. Participants must be a minimum of 18 years old.

3. Participants must not be associated or affiliated with NepalNow and NTB.

4. By submitting an entry to the contest, you grant NepalNOW and NTB:

a. The right to use your name and country of residence for the sole purpose of identifying you as the author of your entry.

b. The right to modify entries, including but not limited to resizing, cropping or color adjustment as well as editing the submitted caption, as per necessity.

c. The right to use your entry for any promotional activities for an unlimited Tourist Service Center period of time with due credit to the photographer.


Sunrise Contest Photo

Photo 1 ⓓ ⓘ ⓦ ⓐ ⓢ ⓗ @diwashpoudel (instagram)

Photo 2 Fatin Syazana @travellerstale87 (Instagram)

Photo 3 Ryan Campbell @ryancampbell5 (Instagram)

Photo 4 Anastasia Valentine @anastasiavvalentine (instagram)

Photo 5 Chandra Pathak @chandraptk (Instagram)

Photo 6 sundar thapa @travel_nepal2016 (Instagram)

Photo 7 arkady illuminati @dark_archangel (Instagram)

Photo 8 Sashank_mufc @sashank_mufc (Instagram)

Photo 9 Udhab Kc @udhab.kc (Instagram)

Photo 10 Manish @manish_khatiwada1

Photo 11 Elen @eleninthewilderness

Photo 12 Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 13 @hopesanddespair (instagram)

Photo 14 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 15 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 16 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 17 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 18 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 19 Sadhan Bhandari /sadhan.bhandari

Photo 20 Purna Chandra Pradhan /

Photo 21 Thapakaji Puran Jung Bahadur /puranjeno.argenteno

Photo 22 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 23 Tshering Ongma Gurung Ghale /tshering.o.ghale

Photo 24 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 25 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 26 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 27 Mitchell @madeingermany78 (twitter)

Photo 28 Mitchell @madeingermany78 (twitter)

Photo 29 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 30 SurAce ShrEstha /surace.shrestha

Photo 31 SSuresh MMukhiya /suresh.mukhiya1

Photo 32 Alexandra Henry @alek_henry (Twitter)

Photo 33 PЯYTOMB @prytomb (instagram)

Photo 34 Candace Kolb /candy.kolb

Photo 35 Candace Kolb /candy.kolb

Photo 36 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (instagram)

Photo 37 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (Instagram)

Photo 38 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (Instagram)

Photo 39 amdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5(instagram)

Photo 40 @sandeep.mainali (instagram)

Photo 41 @dhshrestha (Instagram)

Photo 42 Dawa J Sherpa @dawa_shrp (instagram)

Photo 43 Dawa J Sherpa @dawa_shrp(Instagram)

Photo 44 Vipin Atal /veer.atal

Photo 45 Vipin Atal /veer.atal

Photo 46 Vipin Atal /veer.atal

Photo 47 Sagarika Bhatta /sagarika9

Photo 48 Sagarika Bhatta /sagarika9

Photo 49 Vipin Atal /veer.atal

Photo 50 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 51 Khim Lamichhane kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 52 Khim Lamichhane kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 53 Khim Lamichhane kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 54 Vipin Atal /veer.atal

Photo 55 Nepal Photography /Nepalfotography

Photo 56 Mia Tengco @miatengco (Instagram)

Photo 57 Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 57Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 58 Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (Instagram)

Photo 58Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (Instagram)

Photo 59 Amazing Nepal @gotoamazingnepal (instagram)

Photo 59Amazing Nepal @gotoamazingnepal (instagram)

Photo 60 @nupadhyaya (Instagram)

Photo 60@nupadhyaya (Instagram)

Photo 61 Christophe Dhumieres @cristof15 (instagram)

Photo 61Christophe Dhumieres @cristof15 (instagram)

Photo 62 Sherpa @yesisrp (Instagram)

Photo 62Sherpa @yesisrp (Instagram)

Photo 63 @dhshrestha (Instagram)

Photo 63@dhshrestha (Instagram)

Photo 64 Dhana Theeng /immortallove.moktan

Photo 64Dhana Theeng /immortallove.moktan

Photo 65 Hazel Grace @hazyinred (instagram)

Photo 65Hazel Grace @hazyinred (instagram)

Photo 66 @tsujan_ (instagram)

Photo 66@tsujan_ (instagram)

Photo 67 Konrad Bautista @kb11978 (Instagram)

Photo 67Konrad Bautista @kb11978 (Instagram)

Photo 68 Anastasia Valentine @anastasiavvalentine (Instagram)

Photo 68Anastasia Valentine @anastasiavvalentine (Instagram)

Photo 69 ⓓ ⓘ ⓦ ⓐ ⓢ ⓗ @diwashpoudel (Instagram)

Photo 69ⓓ ⓘ ⓦ ⓐ ⓢ ⓗ @diwashpoudel (Instagram)

Photo 70 Pramin Manandhar @pramin.osiris (instagram)

Photo 70Pramin Manandhar @pramin.osiris (instagram)

Photo 71 Robic @aerawbic (instagram)

Photo 71Robic @aerawbic (instagram)

Photo 72 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (Instagram)

Photo 72 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (Instagram)

Photo 73 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (instagram)

Photo 73Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (instagram)

Photo 74 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (instagram)

Photo 74Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (instagram)

Photo 75 Sandra @balouhuh (instagram)

Photo 75Sandra @balouhuh (instagram)

Photo 76 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (instagram)

Photo 76Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (instagram)

Photo 77 @rajencha(instagram)

Photo 77@rajencha(instagram)

Photo 78 Rashmit Adhikari /punkerrulz

Photo 78Rashmit Adhikari /punkerrulz

Photo 79 An Cardio Escondido /Tijen.Maharjan

Photo 79An Cardio Escondido /Tijen.Maharjan

Photo 80 An Cardio Escondido /Tijen.Maharjan

Photo 80An Cardio Escondido /Tijen.Maharjan

Photo 81 Ramesh K Neupane /rameshk.neupane

Photo 81Ramesh K Neupane /rameshk.neupane

Photo 82 Deepak Adhikari /deepak.adhikari.942

Photo 82Deepak Adhikari /deepak.adhikari.942

Photo 83 Moon Ace Grg /Milanfergusion

Photo 83Moon Ace Grg /Milanfergusion

Photo 84 Trekker Bikey Timilsina /99heLLsgOd

Photo 84Trekker Bikey Timilsina /99heLLsgOd

Photo 85 Trekker Bikey Timilsina /99heLLsgOd

Photo 85Trekker Bikey Timilsina /99heLLsgOd

Photo 86 Kate Morris /kate.oconnor.5686

Photo 86Kate Morris /kate.oconnor.5686

Photo 87 Corinna Voss @cov96 (Instagram)

Photo 87Corinna Voss @cov96 (Instagram)

Photo 88 Kaiser Carkee @keshar_jung_karki (instagram)

Photo 88Kaiser Carkee @keshar_jung_karki (instagram)

Photo 89 Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat (instagram)

Photo 89Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat (instagram)

Photo 90 Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat (instagram)

Photo 90Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat (instagram)

Photo 91 Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat

Photo 92 Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat

Photo 92 Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat (instagram)

Photo 93 Viswas Pradhan @bi5wa5_pradhan (instagram)

Photo 93Viswas Pradhan @bi5wa5_pradhan (instagram)

Photo 94 @sandeep.mainali (Instagram)

Photo 94@sandeep.mainali (Instagram)

Photot 95 khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photot 95khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 96 Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat (instagram)

Photo 96Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat (instagram)

Photo 97 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 97Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 98 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 98Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 99 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 99Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 100 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 100Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 101 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 101Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 102 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 102Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 103 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 103Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 104 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 104Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 105 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 105Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 106 Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat(Instagram)

Photo 106Bobby Dautzenberg @breathe_smile_repeat(Instagram)

Photo 107 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (Instagram)

Photo 107Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (Instagram)

photo 108 Sameer Dhakal @dhakalsameer(Instagram)

photo 108Sameer Dhakal @dhakalsameer(Instagram)

Photo 109 Anastasia Valentine @anastasiavvalentine(instagram)

Photo 109Anastasia Valentine @anastasiavvalentine(instagram)

Photo 110 ⓓ ⓘ ⓦ ⓐ ⓢ ⓗ @diwashpoudel (instagram)

Photo 110ⓓ ⓘ ⓦ ⓐ ⓢ ⓗ @diwashpoudel (instagram)

Photo 111 Madan Prasain @padyatriz (twitter)

Photo 111Madan Prasain @padyatriz (twitter)

Photo 112 Saidah Humairo @saiyasai (instagram)

Photo 112Saidah Humairo @saiyasai (instagram)

Photo 113 GauravSush @gaurav_sush (instagram)

Photo 113GauravSush @gaurav_sush (instagram)

Photo 114 Prashant Kumar Pandey /pandeykprashant

Photo 114Prashant Kumar Pandey /pandeykprashant

Photo 115 Binoj Maharjan /BinojMaharjan

Photo 115Binoj Maharjan /BinojMaharjan

Photo 116 Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 116Susheel Shrestha /Susheelshrestha

Photo 117 सुजित महर्जन /Suzitmaharjan

Photo 117सुजित महर्जन /Suzitmaharjan

Photo 118 सुजित महर्जन /Suzitmaharjan

Photo 118सुजित महर्जन /Suzitmaharjan

Photo 119 Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 119Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 120 Natasha Goodchild @tash_ava (instagram)

Photo 120Natasha Goodchild @tash_ava (instagram)

Photo 121 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 121Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 122 Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 122Khim Lamichhane Kazi /khim.seebzee

Photo 123 Shutter Psycho @ShutterPsycho (twitter)

Photo 123Shutter Psycho @ShutterPsycho (twitter)

Photo 124 S. Korevaar @s_korevaa (instagram)

Photo 124S. Korevaar@s_korevaa (instagram)

Photo 125 Suren Lama /suren.lama.39

Photo 125Suren Lama /suren.lama.39

Photo 126 Suren Lama /suren.lama.39

Photo 126Suren Lama /suren.lama.39

Photo 127 Suren Lama /suren.lama.39

Photo 127Suren Lama /suren.lama.39

Photo 128 Suren Lama /suren.lama.39

Photo 128Suren Lama /suren.lama.39

Photo 129 Shutter Psycho @ShutterPsycho (twitter)

Photo 129Shutter Psycho @ShutterPsycho (twitter)

Photo 130 stella.greenhouse @stella.greenhouse (instagram)

Photo 130stella.greenhouse @stella.greenhouse (instagram)

Photo 131 Olly Green @ollygreen_ (Instagram)

Photo 131Olly Green @ollygreen_ (Instagram)

Photo 132 sundar thapa @travel_nepal2016 (Instagram)

Photo 132sundar thapa @travel_nepal2016 (Instagram)

Photo 133 Joe Monahan @jmonahanphotos (instagram)

Photo 133Joe Monahan @jmonahanphotos (instagram)

Photo 134 Dev Gogoi @d3v90901 (instagram)

Photo 134Dev Gogoi @d3v90901 (instagram)

Photo 135 Andy G @xandysocialx (instagram)

Photo 135Andy G @xandysocialx (instagram)

Photo 136 Manoj Nepali /manoj.nepali.9047

Photo 136Manoj Nepali /manoj.nepali.9047

Photo 137 Johanna Johnsson /johanna.johnsson.000

Photo 137Johanna Johnsson /johanna.johnsson.000

Photo 138 Stephanie Cardarelli @scardarelli15 (Instagram)

Photo 138Stephanie Cardarelli @scardarelli15 (Instagram)

Photo 139 Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 139Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 140 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (Instagram)

Photo 140Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (Instagram)

Photo 141 Chris @architexas (instagram)

Photo 141Chris @architexas (instagram)

Photo 142 Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 142Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 143 Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 143Trekker Bikey Timilsina @ardhanareshwar (instagram)

Photo 144 Maya ️'s ••• @maya.loves (Instragram)

Photo 144Maya ️’s ••• @maya.loves (Instragram)

Photo 145 Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (instagram)

Photo 145Samdé Sherpa @samde.sherpa.5 (instagram)

Photo 146 Arjun Dhamala /

Photo 146Arjun Dhamala /