jumpfornepalJump for Nepal is a novel photo campaign that aims to encourage tourists to post their jump pictures taken in Nepal and share it with the world.

This campaign serves two purposes. Firstly, it sends out a larger message that tourists are still visiting Nepal and the photo itself will be a proof of their presence. Secondly, the jump symbolizes positivity and excitement against the negativity surrounding Nepal due to the earthquakes and the turbulent political situation.

We hope that through this campaign, tourists would be able to share their experience in Nepal to others through just one photo and it would also serve as a marketing platform for new tourism destinations.

There are no hard and fast rules for submitting the jump photos and one can be as creative with it as he/she wants to be. However, the standard JumpforNepal jumping pose is a split jump with one hand pointing towards the ground (symbolizing ‘I was here’) and the other hand free in the air.Of course, a smile on the face is necessary to show that you are happy to be in Nepal or you enjoyed your stay here.

Hashtag in USE – #jumpfornepal
Facebook Link – https://www.facebook.com/jumpfornepal/