About us

What is NepalNOW?


Nepal Now is the official site for tourism-related updates, part of a campaign that seeks to bring you a picture of Nepal as it is now. We offer reliable information, interesting facts and inspiring stories from travelers to Nepal. With blogs, interviews and news updates, Nepal Now provides a virtual portal into our beautiful Himalayan country.

Ours is a land of contrasts, a land of breath-taking beauty and a land of unrivaled diversity. We want to welcome you to our country and share with you the bounty that nature and humanity have bestowed upon us.



In the spring of 2015, Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake that took more than 8,000 lives. Much property and heritage was lost in the disaster, but so much more remains untouched.

Nepal Now is a response to that very disaster, in that we seek to provide you with a true picture of Nepal as it stands. Despite widespread media coverage of the earthquake, we would like to reassure you that we Nepalis and Nepal remain strong and standing. Most of our age-old monuments, our hiking trails, our mountains and our hills and rivers all continue to persevere.

The earthquake was terrible, no doubt, but it did not destroy us. And so, we bring you stories from travellers who have come here and seen for themselves the resilience of this land and its people. The hard data we provide will give you an accurate picture of when and where to make your trip.

What is we want most of all is for you to enjoy your trip to our country, safely, securely and without apprehension.



Nepal Now is a collaboration between tourism experts, both national and international, and the Nepal Tourism Board, with support from CBI, a development cooperation agency from the Government of the Netherlands, focussed on support for exports from developing countries.


For Whom

This is for you.

You are anyone thinking of coming to Nepal – students, backpackers, seasoned travelers, holiday makers, climbers, hikers, adventure tourists, mountaineers and business-people.

We hope this website is useful in planning out your visit.


For any queries, please shoot us an email at info@nepalnow.org. We would love to hear from you.